Partnership Facilitation

Stages of Business CollaborationPartnership Facilitation – Stages of Collaboration

Partnership or collaboration between organisations requires a special mindset that is not easy to achieve:

  • Leaders who grow up through hierarchical organisations may need to develop more facilitative or less power based styles;
  • There is often an unhealthy history of conflict, lack of trust and significant ‘baggage’ that needs to be addressed before they are able to achieve more collaborative mechanisms;
  • The focus for collaboration is often the achievement of a particular task and groups ignore process issues in the drive to get things done, creating problems as a result.
Transformation Partners, Partnership Facilitation, LifeCycleThe Partnership Lifecycle

We have significant experience of helping such groups to develop real collaborative skills and achieve more effective outcomes. You can order a copy of the handbook on collaboration “Working in Harmony” by getting in touch with Academi Wales, for whom it was produced.