Developing Leadership Skills

Age is compulsory, wisdom is optional.
– Anon –

We offer tailored leadership programmes based on developing people to make intelligent choices and using their real work dilemmas as the key learning material. Our programmes are always experientially based and learner centred, in other words based on practical and interactive methods rather than lectures. We know that course based development increases significantly in effectiveness when it is supplemented by other methods designed to create sustainable change, so wherever possible we include of our programmes.

We are accredited by the Register of Performance Facilitators and have access to the World’s most sophisticated electronic ROI evaluation tool, used by world-leading organisations such as Microsoft and NASA, and containing data that enables bench-marking against training and organisation development interventions across the globe.

We are confident that our programmes will add significant value to business outcomes and performance and pledge to be measured against agreed ROI measures before undertaking any programme. Contact Us to find out how we can do that for you.